Who will be treating me?

You should be treated and looked after by a multi-disciplinary team (MDT) made up of specialists in gynaeoncology. They will meet regularly to discuss your care and treatment:

  • Oncologist – a doctor who specialises in non-surgical cancer treatments. They are sometimes referred to as a clinical or medical oncologist.
  • Surgeon – if you’re having surgery, a surgeon will perform the operation. They are sometimes referred to as gynaecological oncologists.
  • Clinical nurse specialist (CNS) – this will be the main person that looks after you from diagnosis onwards. Often referred to as your key worker, you can contact him or her whenever you have any questions or problems.
  • Chemotherapy nurse – if you receive chemotherapy, your chemotherapy nurse will guide you through the process and side effects.
  • GP – although not part of the MDT, your GP will still have an important role in your care, particularly after treatment has finished.

There are other members of the MDT including pathologists and radiologists who you won’t necessarily meet.

You may also have contact with other health professionals including psychologists, counsellors, geneticists, menopausal experts, and fertility experts.