How to talk to your GP about your symptoms

If you have persistent symptoms of ovarian cancer it’s important to book an appointment to talk to your GP as soon as possible.

Use our mobile phone symptoms diary app

If you are experiencing symptoms associated with ovarian cancer, our symptoms diary app is an easy way to track them create a summary report to help you talk to your GP. You can easily make a note of which symptoms you are experiencing, how frequently they are occurring and how severe they are. Search for 'Ovarian Cancer Action' in the App Store of your smart phone.

Alternatively you can download and print out our paper symptoms diary. Take your filled out symptoms diary with you to your GP appointment to give them a clear idea of what’s been happening.

Be prepared

When you’re not taken seriously 

If you feel your GP has not listened to your concerns you might want to consider the following options:

  • Seek advice from a different GP. You can visit a different within the same GP practice or make an appointment to see a different GP at a walk-in centre.
  • Register with a new GP practice.

You have the right to be taken seriously. If you would like further advice on speaking to your GP about symptoms of ovarian cancer you call our information and symptoms advice line on 0207 380 1747.