Tests carried out at hospital

Pelvic ultrasound scan

If your CA125 blood test is higher than the normal level of 35 your GP will arrange for an ultrasound scan.

A pelvic ultrasound scan is carried out at a hospital and produces a picture of the inside of your body and can help detect any abnormalities.

What will happen?

There are two types of pelvic ultrasound:

  • Transabdominal ultrasound: A handheld device is passed back and forth over your stomach, producing images of your ovaries, womb and other internal organs
  • Transvaginal ultrasound: A probe is inserted into your vagina to obtain pictures of your womb, fallopian tubes and ovaries. The procedure is not painful but you may find it a little uncomfortable

If your scan results indicate you need further tests, your GP will refer you to a gynaecologist or a gynaecological oncologist. 

When the results are negative

If your blood test is abnormal but nothing shows up on the ultrasound scan, your GP will check if anything else is causing your symptoms.  If your GP can’t find a reason for your symptoms, he or she may give you medication to control them.

If your symptoms get worse, or become more frequent, don’t be afraid to go back to your GP and ask for another CA125 blood test and ultrasound.

Don’t ignore the symptoms and don’t take no for an answer.